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50 Cent Says He is Technically Been A Billionaire Since 2007

The Queens-bred entrepreneur 50 Cent goes to 50 Cent each and every time. This week, he mentioned he’s been a billionaire since 2007, however the public’s belief of him makes folks consider another way. 

All the way through an interview on The Fanatic Podcast, the rapper mentioned he’s been touching one billion for years. However as a result of he’s all the time supplying jobs, he’s spending cash, repeatedly, complete salaries, paying his workers. 

“So after they financially say, ‘Oh, you’re a billionaire, this individual is a billionaire,’ it’s like, ‘I’ve been a billionaire since 2007. I’m that some distance from the place I got here from that I’ve been a billionaire financially as a result of everyone round me is being paid,” 50 Cent mentioned. “Sources that I atone for folks to be there, and I truly don’t see issues that I need that I will be able to’t pass get it.”

As a result of 50 Cent has a novel standpoint on lifestyles and industry, he included givers and takers into his technically being a billionaire since 2007. 

“You were given givers and takers, proper? Other people they’ll come, and also you’ll really feel them taking a look at you favor, ‘I’m excited as a result of he’s such and such…,’ or, ‘I wanna meet him as a result of I wanna communicate to him, and perhaps this may occur for me,’ or, ‘Possibly he’ll finance my concept,’ proper? The ones individuals are takers ’reason you spot them as soon as. Then you’ve got the man that hears you speaking about an concept and says, ‘Yeah, that’s a good suggestion; let’s do it, guy.’ That’s a giver as a result of finance method not anything to ’em.”

Possibly 50 Cent has some extent since the dude’s hustle sport is loopy. There’s his track occupation and his heavy hand in tv with common sequence Energy, BMF, and several other others. He sells liquor, water, and books. He used to be even a boxing promoter at one time. If he’s no longer a billionaire, he positive does hustle like a billionaire.

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