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Does Construction a Granny Flat Make Funding Sense? Skilled Opinion

Construction a granny flat out the again of your home has speedy change into a well-liked option to building up your dwelling area and even earn some additional condominium source of revenue, however does it make excellent funding sense?

In step with studies, the selection of granny apartments being licensed and in-built NSW is at an all-time excessive.

The development of a space or condominium connected to a space (a “granny flat”) has skyrocketed from 4,729 granny apartments in 2016 to 21,342 in 2021.

Granny Flat

The upward push in approval for granny apartments throughout Australia can also be attributed partially because of state-level legislative adjustments relating to secondary dwellings which intention to spice up housing affordability in capital town spaces and each and every state or territory supplies their very own legislative necessities, together with the land and plot sizes of a secondary living or granny flat.

Positive, granny apartments are widespread, however are they a good suggestion from an funding standpoint?

Briefly, no.

Let me provide an explanation for, however first, let’s take a look at the checklist of professionals and cons so you’ll be able to see for your self how the dangers outweigh the advantages.

5 advantages of creating a Granny Flat

Further condominium source of revenue

Striking a granny flat for your yard or behind your funding assets can also be any other supply of source of revenue.


Renting out a granny flat will provide you with additional claimables to your depreciation agenda.

It’ll building up the price of your home

Be aware that whilst development a granny flat would possibly building up the price of your home, you’ll most certainly in finding that it gained’t building up it up to the price of development.

It is helping to unfold your source of revenue possibility

If you happen to simply have one funding assets and it’s vacant then you don’t have any cash coming in, then again, with a granny flat, it’s not going each homes will probably be vacant on the similar time.

It’ll fit your circle of relatives’s wishes

Construction a granny flat behind your house is also appropriate lodging in your teenage kids, your granny, and even your partner’s mother.

Granny Flat2

7 cons of creating a Granny Flat

It might price greater than you are expecting

Similar to any renovation or development challenge, there are probably to be price overruns when development your granny flat.

No longer all councils permit granny apartments

Whilst it’s more straightforward to get council approval to construct a granny flat at this time, you should definitely move your whole i’s and dot your whole t’s.

Test such things as the scale of the block required, get right of entry to wanted, and the way shut it may be constructed to a fence.

Granny apartments are most often now not constructed, or accredited, in high-capital enlargement spaces

The price of setting up the granny flat doesn’t at all times upload enough price to the valuables

Incessantly you’ll spend $100,000-$120,000 at the construct however the banks will simplest building up the price of your home by way of $70,000-$80,000.

In different phrases, you’re overcapitalising.

You’ll cut back your resale and condominium marketplace doable

There will probably be much less call for for a assets with a granny flat within the yard.

You’ll enjoy longer emptiness sessions

Your pool of tenants will probably be limited for each homes, so that you’ll have much less selection for your variety, enjoy longer emptiness sessions and it’s most probably you’ll have to maintain two units of decrease socio-economic tenants as an alternative of 1 common socio-economic circle of relatives.

You gained’t have the ability to subdivide your home into two titles

Does a granny flat make excellent funding sense?

As I mentioned above, no, in virtually each and every case development a granny flat does now not make excellent funding sense.

Buyers could be tempted to shop for an outdated space on a good block and construct a granny flat within the yard to extend their condominium yield.

And at face price, it kind of feels like a perfect concept.

However as you’ll be able to see by way of the checklist of professionals and cons, the price of development a granny flat is most often greater than the possible capital achieve.

No longer simplest that, although you do arrange to construct in your finances, whilst the source of revenue from hire supplies money drift, it doesn’t construct wealth.

And wealth development is without equal function of assets funding.

Let’s now not disregard that granny apartments are most often investments in inferior places, selected by way of poorly knowledgeable traders which upload little price and draw in unhealthy tenants.

Plus, to not point out the truth that you wish to have to pay tax on a condominium source of revenue.

Granny Flat4

Granny apartments can in truth cut back a assets’s price

The function of assets funding is capital enlargement.

Capital enlargement and the name of the game to capital enlargement is purchasing an asset that there will probably be a surplus of call for for when it comes time to promote.

Condo yield does now not upload price to a residential assets.

That signifies that if you purchase an outdated space on a large block after which construct a granny flat which takes over a good portion of the yard, it’ll simplest cut back the valuables’s price when it comes time to promote.

As some provide an explanation for it, you find yourself including one thing onto a assets which devalues the full asset.

And it’ll price you a fortune to construct and run within the period in-between, perhaps much more than you’d deliberate or budgeted for.

It’s because the top product that you just’ve created has a small marketplace with minimum call for from owner-occupiers and tenants.

Householders need area and land, particularly within the wake of COVID when many Australians reevaluated what they would like in a house, they don’t desire a assets with an extra self-contained assets taking on their yard.

Each owner-occupiers and tenants need their whole assets beneath one roof.

Let’s additionally now not disregard that granny apartments are most often now not accredited, or constructed, in excessive capital enlargement spaces so if that is the method you wish to have to make use of, you’ll be confined to outer and decrease socioeconomic spaces which have a tendency to ship below-average capital enlargement.

And those aren’t the spaces which make excellent funding sense both.

Granny Flat5

Funding grade must be the focal point

Funding-grade assets in A-grade places must be the focal point for any assets investor.

As a result of by way of now you realize that the site of your home will do round 80% of the heavy lifting of its capital enlargement.

There are lots of components to keep in mind when in search of your subsequent funding assets, however should you do your analysis to seek out one that ticks bins reminiscent of excellent demographics, employment alternatives, walkability, native infrastructure and facilities, and a low crime price you’ll be able to be assured you’re creating a excellent funding determination.

No longer simplest that, however if you’ve discovered a perfect investment-grade location, you’ve then were given to seek out an investment-grade assets inside that space.

In my thoughts, lower than 4% of the homes in the marketplace recently are what I name “funding grade.”

Funding-grade homes attraction to a variety of prosperous owner-occupiers, are in the proper location, have avenue attraction in addition to a beneficial facet or excellent perspectives, be offering safety and safe off-street parking, have the possible so as to add price, and feature a excessive land-to-asset ratio.

In abstract

When you would possibly building up your hire and switch your home funding from negatively geared to making some sure money drift, development a granny flat does now not make excellent funding sense.

Regardless of how much cash you’ll be able to finances to place in opposition to a granny flat, that cash would most often give a a lot better go back by way of hanging it in opposition to an investment-grade assets as an alternative.

Bryce is a assets construction specialist, having effectively sourced, challenge controlled and finished masses of construction tasks for Metropole’s shoppers, serving to them create considerable wealth.Talk over with Metropole.com.au
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