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The Priorities Of Our Personal Executive Are Totally Upside Down – Funding Watch

by way of Michael

While you believe excellent to be evil and evil to be excellent, after all your priorities are going to be utterly and completely tousled.  The White Area, the halls of Congress, and the federal forms and stuffed with other people that experience a particularly warped view of the sector.  In consequence, they’re incapable of creating the proper alternatives despite the fact that they had been prone to take action.  Just about the most productive that we will be able to hope for is for them to do not anything, as a result of the whole lot that they “accomplish” finally ends up being diametrically adversarial to the pursuits of the American other people.

Simply take a look at our overseas coverage.  Following the humiliating debacle in Afghanistan, our leaders made up our minds that combating a proxy warfare towards Russia in Ukraine can be a better option than bobbing up with a calm answer on the negotiating desk.

A calm answer will have simply been reached earlier than the warfare began, since the Russians weren’t being utterly unreasonable.  If a negotiated agreement will have been accomplished, the Russians by no means would have invaded.

However our leaders refused to sit down down and communicate, and now the Russians have wolfed up massive chunks of Ukraine, and hundreds upon hundreds of other people on each side are useless.

And at this level any negotiated answer can be a lot more favorable to the Russians, as a result of Russia now holds a lot more territory than it did earlier than the warfare.

After all the Biden management has completely little interest in any form of a calm compromise right now, and so we will be able to proceed to pour billions upon billions of greenbacks into an never-ending struggle in Ukraine for the foreseeable long term.

Unfortunately, our tax bucks don’t seem to be simply being wasted in a shedding warfare in Ukraine.

They’re additionally being stolen.

In line with a brand new bombshell record from investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, the CIA has estimated that Ukrainian officers embezzled a whopping 400 million bucks final 12 months…

One estimate by way of analysts from the Central Intelligence Company put the embezzled budget at $400 million final 12 months, no less than; some other skilled in comparison the extent of corruption in Kiev as coming near that of the Afghan warfare, “even though there will likely be no skilled audit experiences rising from the Ukraine.”

In January, CIA Director William Burns in fact faced Zelensky about this…

The problem of corruption was once immediately raised with Zelensky in a gathering final January in Kiev with CIA Director William Burns. His message to the Ukrainian president, I used to be advised by way of an intelligence reliable with direct wisdom of the assembly, was once out of a Fifties mob film. The senior generals and executive officers in Kiev had been offended at what they noticed as Zelensky’s greed, so Burns advised the Ukrainian president, as a result of “he was once taking a bigger percentage of the skim cash than was once going to the generals.”

So now that this corruption is out within the open does this imply that we’re going to forestall sending cash to Ukraine?

Oh no, our leaders in Washington would by no means do this.

They simply need the robbery of our tax bucks to be lowered to a lifeless roar.

And the company media right here in america won’t ever record on any of this, as a result of within the narrative they’re pushing Zelensky is the primary hero.

So Zelensky and his corrupt minions are unfastened to proceed to close down church buildings and arrest monks, and the company media will simply stay cheering him on.

In the meantime, right here in america paperwork have simply been published that turn out that the FBI has been running “to expand resources within Christian church buildings and Catholic dioceses”.  The next comes from Fox Information

The FBI not too long ago sought to expand resources within Christian church buildings and Catholic dioceses as a part of an effort to battle home terrorism, in keeping with interior paperwork launched by way of Area Judiciary Committee on Monday.

The inner paperwork — got final month by way of Area Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Rep. Mike Johnson, R-Los angeles., who’re additionally individuals of the so-called Weaponization Subcommittee — confirmed the FBI deliberate to make use of church buildings as “new avenues for tripwire and supply building.” The federal regulation enforcement company additionally aimed to in particular goal “mainline Catholic parishes” as a part of its efforts.

As well as, in keeping with Jordan, the FBI expressed passion in “leverag[ing] present resources and/or initiat[ing] Kind 5 Exams to expand new resources with the location and get entry to.” And, in some other instance, the company cited a need to to sensitize spiritual congregations “to the caution indicators of radicalization and enlist their help to function suspicious job tripwires.”

So the following time you cross to church, you could wish to watch out what you are saying.

The individual sitting subsequent to you may well be an FBI informant.

You can assume that federal officers can be excited by investigating the leftist radicals which have been gunning down Christians and storming our statehouses, however they’re untouchable.

As an alternative, it’s red-blooded patriotic voters that they’re excited by taking down.

In truth, some other report that has not too long ago emerged displays that you’ll be able to get in bother with the feds merely for the usage of positive fashionable conservative buzzwords

– Primarily based (to imply one thing this is agreeable or cool and typically regarded as to be anti-woke), however in keeping with the FBI an indication that anyone has been transformed to ‘racist ideology’.

– Crimson Tablet (taken from the Matrix motion pictures which means anyone uncovering hidden truths), however in keeping with the FBI indicating anyone who has followed racist, anti-Semitic, or fascist ideals.

– Chad (a good looking, robust male who’s a success with ladies), however in keeping with the FBI a “race -specific time period used to explain the idealized model of a male.”

– Stacy (a assured, sexually horny feminine), however in keeping with the FBI an extremist misogynistic time period utilized by incels.

– Looksmaxxing (outlined by way of the FBI because the “strategy of self-improvement with the intent to grow to be extra horny), which is it seems that some other signal of ‘extremism’, even though the federal company doesn’t give an explanation for why.

I believe sorry for any individual this is in fact named “Stacy” or “Chad”.

On this surroundings, their social media accounts may probably get flagged only for the usage of their very own names.

However prime profile politicians that experience dedicated completely heinous crimes simply stay attending to do what they do.

Hunter Biden’s computer comprises transparent proof that all the Biden circle of relatives has been keen on extraordinarily critical corruption, however the feds simply aren’t .

So no person is retaining Joe Biden responsible, and that suggests that he’s unfastened to do no matter he looks like doing.  Sadly, that regularly manner sniffing little ladies each time he has the chance

Joe and Jill Biden on Monday participated in the yearly White Area Easter Egg Roll.

Biden glad-handed with Easter Egg Roll attendees at the South Garden.

He simply couldn’t assist himself across the youngsters.

Joe Biden leaned in and sniffed just a little woman earlier than being whisked away by way of his son Hunter.

Some other people available in the market like to make use of the phrase “demonic” to explain Joe Biden and different politicians in Washington.

However the explanation why we’ve got deeply evil leaders is as a result of our whole society has grow to be deeply evil.

Simply take a look at how we entertain ourselves.  Devil is the topic of numerous motion pictures and tv displays, and now a brand new display that Disney is creating will function an 18-year-old woman that in fact has intercourse with the satan

Disney+ has unveiled a German unique about an adolescent who falls in love with the satan from the staff at the back of Netflix’s Promote Medicine On-line (Rapid).

Pauline follows the eponymous protagonist, an 18-year-old who by chance turns into pregnant – from a one-night stand. With college rigidity, the local weather disaster and the downfall of society weighing closely on her thoughts, one thing she doesn’t want in any respect at the moment is catching emotions, particularly now not for her one-night stand Lukas, who, because it seems, is the satan himself.

If we put rubbish into our minds, we will be able to get rubbish out.

And after hanging rubbish into our minds for many years, our whole society is now teeming with evil.

However that doesn’t imply that it’s important to be a part of the evil.

It’s when occasions are the darkest that the best gentle is wanted.

And I consider that those who make a selection to be lighting fixtures are going to do a little in point of fact good things within the days forward.

Talking of that, on Friday I’m going to drop some improbable knowledge in regards to the occasions by which we are living for my paid subscribers on Substack.  It will be an issue that I’ve by no means mentioned earlier than, and it’s going to be knowledge that I’ve by no means shared anyplace else.

All of human historical past has been development as much as a grand crescendo, and we get to be right here for it.

So don’t get down while you go searching and spot such a lot evil in our global.

You had been put right here for a reason why, and you’ll be able to make a distinction even in the course of all the chaos and all the darkness.

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